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Nas4Free Freenas Wireless Setup

I have used Nas4Free and Freenas for some time now and I love it. However the documentation to do some of the most basic things seems to be lacking. One such area is seting up a Wireless network card.

I will give a brief outline of how to set up a wifi network card with Nas4Free Freenas.

Some good references are:……

I am using an Embedded installation of Nas4free. This causes additional difficulties as any changes to system files are wiped on a system shut down. So what I needed to do was use the ‘Command Scripts’ tab under the menu System->Advanced

I will also assume that Nas4Free automatically recognises your wifi hardware. If it doesn’t that is something you will have to wrestle with first.

My wifi hardware is notated by FreeBSD as ‘rum’. So my usb wifi device is rum0.

Step 1:

Setup a cloned wlandev device based on your hardware. (rum0 in my case)

Under the ‘Command Scripts’ tab under the menu System->Advanced

Command Type
ifconfig wlan0 create wlandev rum0 PreInit

You will need to reboot at this stage so Nas4Free will recognise the cloned wlan0 device.

Step 2:

Under Network->Interface Management add an OPT1 interface for your wifi device. Then set up an OPT2 interface for your cloned wlan0 device

Interface Network port
OPT1 rum0
OPT2 wlan0

Step 3:

Configure the OPT1 interface under Interfaces->Optional 1

Interfaces|Optional 1 (OPT1)

extra options up
SSID PudnWoods
encryption none

Step 4:

Configure the OPT2 interface under Interfaces->Optional 2

Interfaces|Optional 2 (OPT2)

extra options up
your wpa password

Reboot and it should work.