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Tarot Script – Automated Reading Script – PERL & WordPress versions

Newest script is at:

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Note: We now have a Tarot WordPress plugin version available. To place cards on a spread, you use east to use WP [shortcodes]. Database it text based and can be placed in a wp page for upload. Emailing readings is not implemented and may never be. Try it at:

Get it here:

It is easily modifiable for any type of reading. You can use your own Tarot graphics or use the Rider-Waite. Layouts are determined by an HTML template. The card database is an easily modifiable text file.

flexible Tarot Card reader. Any spread is possible. The users name shows up in the reading giving it a personal touch! Instant Email tarot reading option is included!

Our script allows you:

You could use it for any type of reading, Rune, etc… Just provide a database, etc
To use your own images if you wish. (Either by renaming your card images or by editing the text based database.)
Modify the deck descriptions if desired simply by editing a text based database. (It comes with two deck descriptions) So you can create tarot readings in any language!
Make any spread you like just by editing an HTML template. (It comes with 4 pre designed spreads)
Fully customize the look and design of the Tarot readings by modifying the HTML templates.
Allows you to email Tarot readings to your visitors if desired.
Allows you to delay the emails if desired, thus making it seem that the reading came from a person. Your Web server must allow cron jobs for this module to work
Has the ability to have a unique card description for each position in the Tarot spread.
Can be used to create other readings such as Rune readings, etc.
Works with services so cell phones with texting can get your readings. See: and type emogic.
Could be integrated into content management systems such as drupal if it allows php code and file() calls.
And more…

Requires PERL.

Licensing: Not for resale.

Please note that the script downloaded will look exactly as the demo but it you can easily change the HTML templates to suit your site.