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Cat Diabetic Glucose Blood Curve

Our cat was recently diagnosed with diabetes after a 5 lbs weight loss in a few months. 20 down to 15.

We have been trying to find data to gauge what may be ‘normal’ in treating a diabetic cat.

I have found it very difficult to find blood glucose curves to compare my cat’s readings to.

So, in the hope that others may find this useful, here are our cats curves.

We have been fortunate that we have been able to afford the Freestyle Libre 2 monitor. It allows for real time monitoring, thus the detailed graphs. They are designed for humans, so using them on your cat comes with it’s own challenges. So if you can afford it and decide to try it, read, read , read. Only certain model phones can use the app. WARNING: using a continual monitor can make you obsessive about the numbers from minute to minute. It may not be for you. Most people use the standard lancet meters successfully a few times a day. At the very least just before you give an injection to see if you should skip it or not.

There is a lot of data in this pdf. I find the graphs starting at page 16 the most useful.

Note that our numbers are not the same as the USA. The rest of the world uses mmol/L. Use a conversion chart to compare.

We are not medical professionals so what I say here may or may not be accurate.

We were directed to give 2 units of prozinc (a long-acting insulin) twice a day using a U40 syringe. (Note, it is IMPORTANT to use the correct model of syringe for the insulin you are using or your dosing will be wrong!) The problem was that the peaks and nadir (low point) only occurred once a day. You are to give the insulin the same times every day at the high point in the curve. So we were confused. After many many hours of research in Feline Diabetes forums we determined the dose was way to high. We dropped to 0.5 units twice a day and the peaks and nadir occurred twice a day as it should.

We notice that the difference between his highs and lows were sometimes higher than 10. Is that normal? We don’t know. But the difference ‘seems’ to reduce as his average blood sugar reduces. We also noticed his day and night injection produced different results. Why? No idea. We are hoping that as we get him lower that it may have a difference of 5? If it doesn’t we will be content to just have him reduced overall.