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Chemical Zen : Sokobond in JS

Download it here

Try it here

This is a JavaScript recreation of an amazing puzzle game Sokobond. I highly recommend the original. The author has given permission to use a few of the puzzle boards, but my dream is for people to create and share their own puzzles. Play a few levels of Sokobond for free and see that it is worth every penny to buy the original!

I have made a basic graphical puzzle editor to assist the manual string editor. I also intend to try and create an algorithm to generate puzzles. That should be fun.

It is written in JS. There are no JS libraries used. I am using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) for the images.

I still use tables, as they work better than pure DIV / CSS on game grids. CSS, pthuey!

It is running live at:

Please do not distribute the original Sokobond game puzzles without the author’s consent (of Original Sokobond). Please support game designers by purchasing their software. See: See: for some amazing free puzzle games.