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Chrome OS : An OS I have fallen in love with

Consider what you use your computer for.
Most of us spend 90% of our time (or more) on websites.
Now consider what you don’t like about your current computer.
-Slow to boot and respond
-Prone to viruses
-Need virus software
-Large updates / patches to worry about
-Aging / Older hardware
-Difficult to use or learn the OS Operating System
-Updates are large, slow and fail often

There is a solution. The Chrome OS, used on Chrome Books, is built on Linux, and is basically just a platform for a web browser, nothing more.
The benefits are:
-Almost impossible to get a virus. You can’t install software. Everything is in the cloud
-Very fast to boot up and run
-It never slows down over time like other OS
-Great OS for the elderly, and everyone else. They can’t break it and it is easy to use. No Virus software or patches to worry about
-Updates (automatic) are fast and efficient. It will restart your download where it left off if you shut down, not like Windows.

I am not asking you to buy a Chromebook. Although that is an option.
I am suggesting you upgrade your current OS to Cloudready. It is free.
Cloudready, from Neverware, is a free version of the Chrome OS that works very well on both old and new hardware.

Try it, you will like it.
You can create a trial live boot usb stick, run it from the USB before installing it, to see if you like it first.

It was bought by google and is now called Flex: