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Pathfinder: Kingmaker

This is the most fun I have had playing a game of this genre. And I don’t normally like this genre.

I loved the characters, the story and presentation. I even like being the Baron / Barroness.
This is a labour of love done right in my opinion.
You can almost hear the dice rolls in the back.

Many seem to dislike it for various reasons. I am assuming most issues have been fixed over the years. But one constant complaint is the difficulty. While I would agree (normal is too hard for me), in my opinion there is NO shame in reducing the myriad of difficulty setting to suit your ability.

My only serious complaint is that it seems to require a lot of GPU (graphic card) rersources. My GPU runs hot playing this.

A minor issue is that you cannot save during battle. Some battles can run long if you are controling it and not letting the AI go at it.

As many games of this type you cannot rotate the field of view. Common guys, it is past the 2020’s 馃檪