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Ghost of a Tale

This is probably one of the best games I have played. And I have played a lot. If it sounds like I am gushing, I am.

In short it is Thief like but with the charm of ‘A Princess Bride’. It is kid friendly (no killing) but fun for adults. If you want to kill and fight things, this game is not for you. The story and lore were amazing. The levels not too big. The game not too long (30 hours). Note however that you will be going over the same areas over and over on your many quests. But the levels were so maze like, and organic, that they never seemed stale and boring. The levels and missions were designed in such a way that it almost forces you to see everything. There were just a few missions that I never completed. There is not much in the way of AI. The rat guards have their standard posts and walk paths. But this did not detract from the fun of trying to figure out how to best elude them. The graphics were wonderful (occasional glitch near walls), the interface slick and easy to use and follow. The characters charming and well thought out. A game well worth the price. Brilliant.

The end leaves an obvious sequel to be created. Let’s hope it happens.

Check it out: