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StarTrek Classic : Convert Basic to Javascript JS

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This is a line for line conversion from one of the many 70’s BASIC version of Star Trek into JavaScript.

I love finding projects I am passionate about. A friend was showing off all his Star Trek games which reminded me of one of the very first computer Star Trek games. I remember playing it on the PET computer. It was written in BASIC.


I was surprised to discover almost no (good) ports of the code to JavaScript. JavaScript would allow it to run on any pc.

I heard a voice in my head say, ‘Thou shalt do this’.

This is a faithful conversion of a StarTrek BASIC program from the early 70’s into JavaScript. (Disclaimer: I made the universe closed, so you can’t fly out of the 8×8 quadrants. Sue me.) Yes, it could have been rewritten from scratch, but I wanted to be as faithful to the original as possible


BASIC pauses at INPUT command. It awaits user input then continues. JavaScript cannot pause. The DOM can only update when the code has completed. Input can only come from a text box event, which starts the JS running code again.

To simulate / mimic the BASIC INPUT command, we end our code in JS just before the BASIC input code while also setting a ‘nextLine’ variable. var ‘nextLine’ indicates where the code should resume after a user input event nextLine = 1270; return; (or equivalent) accomplishes this A user input event will store the user input in a variable ‘globalComandStorage’. Then we call the function switch_board() which looks at nextLine and then calls function Line’nextLine'() Code runs again until we require user input

The BASIC GOTO command is a menace. It makes it easy to write poorly structured code. In some cases, I just restructured the code, in others, I did not. GOTO can be simulated with something similar to GOTO6543(); return; Eventually we will come to an INPUT command. As stated before, to simulate INPUT, we return from and stop all JS code. If there is a big call stack, because of our many GOTOXXXX calls, all the return; commands placed after our GOTOXXXX calls will clean the call stack

I soon needed to create multidimensional arrays. Basic uses a simple G= DIM[7,9,3] format creating an array called G, with dimensions of 7x9x3. JavaScript, oddly enough, does not have an easy, built in, way to create an array like BASIC. So I had to code a JavaScript version of DIM using a recursive function.