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Salt and Salt 2 Shores of Gold

Do you like games with crafting?
Searching for and extracting resources?
Finding treasure?
Sailing the seas with a map you must fill out?
Some lore and history?
Missions to send you in all directions?
Hunting? Fishing?
None of these things is overly complex on their own, but together they make a great experience IMO.
A little like Minecraft on the sea.

Overall, I found this game very enjoyable.
The sailing while not overly complex, was both fun and relaxing.
It is one of those games that compel you to do just that one more thing. And you discover another path you can follow.
I always think there is something else to explore or maybe I should read one of the book I found for a clue to some fun adventure.
You can also play with friends. You can give them your kit. If your friends get lost and don’t know where you are, they can teleport to you, should you chose to do that.
If you are on a distant island and they are joining the game at map coordinates 0,0, they will need to do that at least once.
While there is only one save slot, if you die, it starts you at your last save spot at a safe distance.
I think the graphics are very good (the pirates being the only exception).
My only complaint is the fighting is a little meh.

Salt 2 is every bit as fun as Salt but with even better graphics, caves and underwater diving adventures. Either way it looks to be very much the same winning game design, with improved graphic, story and combat upgrades.