PudderTat. A friend who will never be forgotten and always missed.
Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes

Pud on Chair
The Pud Bear Stare
Prayer for Pud

Buddha grants you wisdom.
Yahweh can see no fault in you.
Jesus takes you in his arms.
Allah loves you too.
The Hindu Gods lead you to the One Truth.
Bast admires you.
Mother Nature embraces you.
For you give them a perfect heart to live.
Of this I am assured.
I can see them through your eyes.
Pud and Vince
Friends till the end

I have never known a kinder heart.

No matter how bad I felt, just seeing Pud always made me smile.

Pud'n Woods
Pud'n Woods
Pud on floor
Love Me!
Pud's full name is Pudder Tat.
My mother, who previously had Pud, was not aware that Sylvester was a Puddy Tat.
She has also affectionately been called Pud'n, Pud or Puds, Chubby Hugs, and Platapud since she would often lie flat and fat with her head extended like a Platypus.

Pud'n seems most appropriate as she was full of it.
Pud on Back
Lazy summer days
Pud on table
The Puda
During Pud'ns last moments, I asked the Vet how long it takes. The Vet commented on how strong her heart was. Shan said, "Pud'n needed it to give all the love she does".
So true...
Pud and Gus
Pud and Gusto
Pud often watched squirrels just outside our window. One day she alerted us to a kitty outside our window. A starving kitten we now call Gusto. She was the closest thing to a mother he had ever known and Pud was the only one of our cats who tolerated his rambunctious ways.
Gusto is alive today because of Pud'n.
Gusto misses her dearly.
Written for Pud by Shannon, 2001

I'm a cat
a fat cat
and I sat
upon a mat
because I can't
jump upon
the couch so soft
or cuddle upon
the human bed
I run but only while I dream
I'm a cat
a fat cat
with a very flat mat
Pud and Shan
Pud makes me smile!
Pud was given to us by Penny when she moved to an apartment. We thought she was going to die on the trip home. She was so nervous she drooled buckets, hyperventilated and defecated . She never did get accustomed to car trips and has drooled and defecated on me a few times. Puds on her last day
Puds on her Last Day
Pud yawn
I Sleepy!
Pud'n was a feral cat and was captured and given to Penny. For the first month of domestic life she hid out of site and only came out at night to eat. Oddly she loved to be petted while hidden. Miraculously, after a month, she just walked out and was the friendliest cat you would ever care to meet. Pud and Penny
Penny and everyone's favorite cat

Pud had a growth causing her body to fill with water. Since she was on a weightloss program, the situation went unnoticed and caused her to maintain her weight. We assumed she was having difficulty losing weight as she was otherwise very healthy. Sadly, symptoms of her condition were displayed to late.

I would have done anything not to put Pud down. The night before, I slept with her in the closet as she was not doing well.

Pud has been cremated and remains in the Pud'n Woods.

More pictures of our friend Pud'n