The house that Molly built is full of cats and love.
Having an Average Weekend

Our first meeting
The Princess

Molly came with the house. It was literally built around her. We first met her sitting in her private chair/throne looking like the Princess she is. She lived with a kind 100 lbs dog called Sunny. As Sunny liked food, Molly learned that she could only eat while being guarded by people. She would rarely eat without being given 'permission' from us.

Eating high above everyone else

Mol E. Cule

Molly was her given name. We decided to keep it. We did toy with Harlequin as she has such a tuff and a face to match. Maybe Molly Moustache? Smally?We eventually started calling her Molecule as she is so tiny and she makes a 'Pkuck' sound when she gets excited. It sounded like a sound a molecule would make.

I occasionally referred to her as Million Dollar Molly as we had a few expensive vet bills with her. She was worth every penny.


Molly was raised a lone cat. When we brought our 3 cats to the house, she had a hard time. Her stubby legs let her get more scratches than she gave. She lived on the dresser and other high areas to avoid the other cats. There was one special day where Moe (the Queen) and Molly (the Princess) actually sat within a foot of each other. Sadly that didn't last.

Pud on floor
Molly and Moe

To cope with the other cats, Molly had two tactics. When feeling brave, she would rush Pudn (3x her size) like a Gorilla then stop with her chest all puffed our. She would also walk in 'Slow mo Molly' fashion hoping the other cats wouldn't chase her.

Meow or Roar?

Molly was not defenseless however. When we had to give her medicine, I would wear leather welding gloves for protection. They had to put sedate her once at the vets just to take her blood. Molecules are small but strong!

I am Smally
I am Smally

As cats go, Molly is the strong silent type. She rarely complained or cried. Once, when Gusto was bad, he snuck up on Molly's highest perch on a bookshelf. He scratched her tail. There was blood everywhere. I was frantic. I thought she was going to bleed to death. She only howled once when attacked. Not a whimper was heard in the weeks she was healing.

I will always remember the way Molly would hold your hand. She curled her paw around your finger and purred. She had big paws for such a tiny cat.

She was also a great soccer player. We had little soccer balls that she loved to bat back to you.

We are proud of Molly
When we let Molly out on the back deck, she would jump up on the railing. This would alarm Shannon to no end as Molly was never known to be sure footed. Outside
Getting fresh air
I never touch the floor

When Shan's mom moved in downstairs, it was a logical choice to move Molly downstairs too. Molly did not like other cats and Pat lived alone. They were like bread and butter. Although Shan and I missed having Molly with us every day, we are grateful that Pat gave Molly a peaceful loving place to live.

Goodbye Molly

Molly had not been eating for weeks. We had her in the vets a few times and tried force feeding her. On the last trip to the vets, her second x-ray showed that something was growing fast. It turned out to be a tumor that had spread. There was nothing that could be done.

Molly no more

Molly don't worry
We loved you so much.
You must know
You made us smile every day.
We shall not forget you
Be sure.
Suns rise and set
Molly worries no more

Our first meeting
Fuzzy Wuzzy was a cat
Rolling around her form of chat
On the carpet, by the door
And all around the living room floor
She meows and murmurs….stating thus
She is a very special puss
She loves to hear your praising talk
And grants short pet of fluffy lock
Then quickly to her perch to preen
And sit as though she was the queen
Conveying by her regal posture
Your mortal touch means you have lost her
For in her royal feline book
You must not touch but only look

(To Molly in 2006 by "Grandma Pat")