Shans Sketch Mo Sketch

Emotion. 1 Jun 1991 - 7 Aug 2009. The best 18 years.
Sweet Emotion

Shans again
Young Emotion
In the beginning....
There was Logic and Emotion.
Brother and Sister.
Logic rarely cleaned himself.

Emotion would hold him down and clean him top to bottom.
Logic was the friendly cuddly one, an Emotion was the cooler stoic one.
Obviously they were miss named.
Logic passed away young.
Emotion was to live a full long life.
Best Friends
Twp peas in a pod

Enter Shannon

Emotion and Shannon saw each other through tough times.

Their love for each other certain.

It is hard to even think of one without the other.

Shan taught her to say her own name on command. Moe. Oddly it sounded a lot like Meow.


Enter Pudder Tat

Emotion was raised as a solitary cat. When we got Pudder Tat, she was very displeased. However Emotion surprised us. They became so close that Puddn would poke Emotion in the butt when she walked by, and she would trot on by. That was the extent of their play. But for Emotion this was a big concession!

Puddn was her best cat friend.

Moe and Pud
Good Friends

They just keep coming

Pudn found Gusto, then we bought a house that came with Molly. Emotion learned to live with all of her subjects.

Cat Train
Hurry up. It's my turn!
Moe and Ash
A rare moment!
Moe (AKA Emotion) used to do this trick we liked to call invisible Moe. She would literally turn invisible. If you looked away and looked back she would magically reappear. Moe and Gus
Moe and Gus
Emotion had a crooked and stubby tail. I think she used it like an antenna to call the mother ship. Yes, Emotion was from another planet. She would walk all around the house calling to it. Meeeeow!
Emotion would tend to fall asleep with her face full in the blanket she was on. It is incredible that she could breath at all. MoeOnFace
Moe on her face
Emotion had a lifelong love affair with water from taps. Drips or full streams, Moe didn't care. She would rarely drink unless it was from a tap. Moe on her sink
Emotion on her sink
Cats usually take to me right away. It only took Emotion 5 years to trust me. I was a happy day indeed when I climbed into bed and Moe came over and let me pet her till I fell asleep. We kept this routine up for many months! Moes last hurrah
Moes last Hurrah!

Moe had not eaten or drank for two days. Totally out of character, and with an impossible burst of energy, Moe insisted she be let outside. Moe took Shan for a walk around the yard and pond. Moe eventually tried to walk directly into the pond. I think she thought she was a submarine. Then she had a nap beneath our Birch tree. When I came home that evening, she repeated the scenario with me. We watched the sun go down together.

The next day, on the way to the vet, Shannon held Moe in her arms. She seemed fully alert and in good spirits during the trip. She normally squawks after a few minutes.

At the vet, Moe seemed unusually relaxed and laid down flat on the table for the vet. She seemed to know what was going on and was at peace with the idea.

Emotion passed away as she lived, full of style and grace.

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