Shans Sketch Gusto Vignette Gusto Sketch

Augustus Eves. 1 May 2000 - 8 Jul 2014. Our Heart.
The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Shans again
First day at home
Gusto's first day with us
In the beginning....
Pud’n would watch the squirrels that would play under the front window. One day Pud was making a bigger fuss than normal. Upon investigation it was a kitten. Shannon noticed it was starving. They both saved Gusto’s life.
Strangle Hold
Strangle Hold

A cat has three names...

"All cats have three names; a regular name, a fancy name, and name only the cat itself knows." (Logan’s Run / T S Eliot)

He was found on the 30 of Aug and he was so pretty he looked like a girl, so we started with August. When he was found to be a boy, we went with Augustus. His fancy name is Augustus Eves. He showed such a zest for life that we shortened his daily name to Gusto. Eventually due to laziness we called him Gus.


Smart Gusto

When young and curious, he would watch what you did and try to do it. He was often seen trying to turn round door knobs to open the door. Damn paws! He was the first to master the Food Maze toy. He was the first to learn to come in from the enclosures when called.

Cat Train
The window where Gusto was found! Pud'n looks on knowingly.

Kitten Gusto

While in the shower he would be on the other side of the curtain and swat at the drops sliding down. If you sprayed the curtain, he would go wild. When just a little ball of fur, he was able to jump over two child barriers we had which came to 5 ft!

Glowing Gusto
Best @#%^*! Friends

My Gusto

After Pud’n died (the closest thing to a mother he ever had) Gus started sleeping across my neck with his body cradled under my armpit. His whiskers would tickle my face until I fell asleep. Often while petting him he would gently reach out with his paw to touch my face. He loved when your mouth was open. He would stare at it as if a mouse was going to jump out.

Moe and Gus
Moe and Gus

King Gusto

If anyone else received attention at the same time, he would leave. He wanted all your attention. jealously leave if anyone else got attention. He did eventually learn to accept Tahl as an equal. When he entered the room, he would do a grand entrance. His presence was always felt. His absence is strongly felt. It feels like we lost half our cats.

Playful Gusto

Shannon would play the Boo game with him. Whether playing it in a box or around a corner, he loved it. Similarly, he loved to play hide and seek or “chase me, chase you”. He would always give his head an excited shake before running off.
Gus not eating flowers

Evil Gusto

He terrorized Charcoal. He loved to wait in ambush, surprise him, and make him jump and scream. It may be that he did this out of jealousy. Charcoal is very loveable. He would smack my mother and mother-in-law alike.

Pud'n and Gusto
Pud'n and Gusto - Mother and Son

Chicken Gusto

We had a boarder in our basement for a year. He had a cat called Pheobe. We introduced Gusto to Pheobe one day. Gusto pretended not to notice her and she, with lightning speed, attacked and chased him from one side of the basement to the other until I was able to stop her with my foot. It was not his proudest moment.

Atom, Gusto look alike

Box Gusto - His favourite sleeping spots were boxes or baskets that were two sizes too small for him. But somehow he made it work.

Stompy Gusto - When Gus wanted you to notice him he would start stomping by you while pretending to ignore you.

Vegetarian Gusto - He loved to eat Romaine Lettuce from my hand.

Loveable Gusto - He loved when you would blow on his fur.

your racing heart wakes me
outside is respectful and gray

a call to arms - awake!
now there are two to fret

brothers pose in concern

a caesar's name
a flowing mane

long you fought
how long
we can never know
know us 
it was bravely

to love you the most
was it just?
my penance now
my (lion)heart is gone

then there were 5

as you went
you never seemed to leave
your touch 
soft,  warm, calm
so calm 
under my kiss

heaven’s rain
marked the event
soaking the dead below

your boyfriends seeking  our comfort
your girlfriend mourning alone

like them
I pace
I look
waiting for you

only your ghostly remains
are in the silence you left

a chilling thought forms 
you are trapped here 
no peace for you
as I cannot forget
time is both a
blessing and curse
it shall do 
what I will not

your memory whispers to me 
share my love