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The Circle of Truth - Click on your card

Achievement and abundance are headed your way .
Feel good about the effort you have put into life. You have lived well .
If you are brave , you will succeed. You are in a strong position for gain.
You are a idealist or a spiritualist and lack worldly experience.
, this signifies failure and defeat. Prepare to be humiliated.
This woman can get things done when she wants . She straightforward and committed although she will not go out of her way to help you.
this card screams change and renewal. New opportunities.
Inspired charity gives hope to others . Love flowing both ways.
Something from the past will bring you happiness . Perhaps you will meet a childhood friend.
The need to fit in are expressed here . You go through the motions but only to conform.
Triumph over all material forces including health, friends and opponents. A card of greatness.
This card signifies balance and give and take . You may be entering a friendship with the opposite sex.
Employment opportunities are available. It is time to use or learn a skill .
Dreams, hopes and ambitions are described by this card. Your desires, are not focused.
The King of Cups is someone kind, skilled in both law and business who is very accountable for his dealings. He may be connected with a religious or worldly organization.
This signifies a lonely woman Perhaps she is a widow, is barren or is far from loved ones.
You are abusing your power. Do not be selfish .
Gifts will be distributed fairly .
Discreet wisdom from a higher power perhaps leading to a journey may be near .
The start of love, joy and fruitfulness. Spirituality aids the material world.

If it was not for the circle, you would never have heard of me - Pythagoras

Tarot Script by Emogic