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The Circle of Truth - Click on your card

Things are looking up after all your effort . Possibility of romance.
Dishonesty and dark forces. Bad fortune are in store for loved ones .
You are abusing your power. Do not be selfish .
, take care of family matters. This could mean buying a home.
If you are brave , you will succeed. You are in a strong position for gain.
The world has you cornered . Perhaps you should make a decision on how to break out of this rut. This card can also mean sickness.
Employment opportunities are available. It is time to use or learn a skill .
Gifts will be distributed fairly .
Trouble is forecasted in love by this card . Expect quarreling.
Things should turn around . Your cares will be diminished. Perhaps a trip by water. Someone will be your proxy.
, this card means the beginning of enterprise and adventure.
This is a woman who gets what she wants. She also represents a love of home and gardening.
This card depicts a gathering of skilled tradesmen and artists .
You are a idealist or a spiritualist and lack worldly experience.
The King of Cups is someone kind, skilled in both law and business who is very accountable for his dealings. He may be connected with a religious or worldly organization.
Feel good about the effort you have put into life. You have lived well .
wealth is described for many things by this card. Fruitfulness.
This indicates a tightfisted, pennypinching character. Material wealth can bring power but nothing else .
Triumph over all material forces including health, friends and opponents. A card of greatness.
Take your time . Do not speak too soon. Think before you act.

If it was not for the circle, you would never have heard of me - Pythagoras

Tarot Script by Emogic