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The Circle of Truth -
Think carefully on your question.
Then click on a card.
Meditate on it's meaning.

If it was not for the circle, you would never have heard of me - Pythagoras

The start of love, joy and fruitfulness. Spirituality aids the material world.
Dreams, hopes and ambitions are described by this card. Your desires, are not focused.
Failure due to a stalled venture is possible. You will feel anxious about your finances.
I see a rich and charitable woman.
I see someone who is a good friend and can give sound advice .
Things should turn around . Your cares will be diminished. Perhaps a trip by water. Someone will be your proxy.
this card screams change and renewal. New opportunities.
This symbolizes a sad but fiery childhood. You, , may be in a artistic or thoughtful mood. News of birth.
Employment opportunities are available. It is time to use or learn a skill .
A young government worker. He or she is very tactful .
You are a idealist or a spiritualist and lack worldly experience.
Great competition and obstacles. Perhaps legal trouble.
Inspired charity gives hope to others . Love flowing both ways.
The path leading to entire victory in all activities.
Take your time . Do not speak too soon. Think before you act.
, this card signifies tension in a relationship or a standoff.
Courage to take on a task. You, , have control over others. A kind yet stern nature.
This indicates a tightfisted, pennypinching character. Material wealth can bring power but nothing else .
Achievement and abundance are headed your way .
Feel good about the effort you have put into life. You have lived well .

Tarot Script by Emogic