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The Circle of Truth - Click on your card

A messenger is depicted. Sudden bursts of emotion could be displayed.
Dishonesty and dark forces. Bad fortune are in store for loved ones .
Everything will go your way, . Satisfaction.
, this means discontent and loss.
Success after trouble. , your hard effort has paid off. Friends come through.
A dream may come true. Do not be arrogant and proud . Help may be on the way by a wealthy person.
This symbolizes a sad but fiery childhood. You, , may be in a artistic or thoughtful mood. News of birth.
Here is a responsible trustworthy man . Some financial matters will be starting or coming to a close.
Inspired charity gives hope to others . Love flowing both ways.
This card depicts a gathering of skilled tradesmen and artists .
wealth is described for many things by this card. Fruitfulness.
, this signifies failure and defeat. Prepare to be humiliated.
This is a picture of a reclusive academic person. You could receive a message about money.
You are a idealist or a spiritualist and lack worldly experience.
Triumph over all material forces including health, friends and opponents. A card of greatness.
This is a rest period in your life . Use it wisely. Do not let your guard down. Press onward!
Life is at an apathetic standstill . Perhaps material things do not bring pleasure.
If you are brave , you will succeed. You are in a strong position for gain.
The need to fit in are expressed here . You go through the motions but only to conform.
Something from the past will bring you happiness . Perhaps you will meet a childhood friend.

If it was not for the circle, you would never have heard of me - Pythagoras

Tarot Script by Emogic