We are known for our Tarot Script and:
Forever Passwords in a new browser tab or window
Forever Passwords in a popup window. Drag link to favorites.
Just have fun with Obscured by Clouds Random Web Search
Try a simple Typing Tutor
Just generate some Prime Numbers
Play the Classic BASIC StarTrek game. In JavaScript!
Sokobond in JavaScript:A very good copy of the original game Sokobond. Create your own puzzles! Play a few levels of Sokobond for free and see that it is worth every penny to buy the original!
Retro 3D Maze:The game your Great Grand Pappy played!
Core Values Worksheet:Figure out what makes you tick.
IMOK: A fail safe alarm for those who live alone and do not have much social contact.
YANGBE: Yes it is NIM. But we call it Yangbe.
3D Maze Uur original was done in PERL..
Wordsearch Build Word search puzzles using your own word list. Good for schools.
Sudoku: Sudoku generator.
Crossword: Our original crossword generator. British style.
Crosswords: Our newer crossword generator.
Thought Generator: We used it for Bibliomancy.
Twixt: Play online with a friend.
Swami Mo: Swami Mo 8 Ball readings.
Picture the Future: Slider Puzzles. Choose your own image.
Chinese Stick Reading: Chinese Stick Reading


We started this site to design Web pages, graphics, scripts, and windows based software. Training, security and maintenance for your PC was also to be provided.

It has slowly turned into a hobby site to display projects I am working on or projects I like.

I hope you find something you like here.

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